Orange Fab Asia : Seoul innovation demo day season 8 by Sangyong Han

Orange Fab Asia in Seoul held its season 8 demo-day on 12th of September 2018 at Seoul Startup Hub, the biggest start-up incubation facility of Seoul city, with French Tech Seoul and G-CCEI Gyeonggi – Center for Creative Economy and Innovation).


A total of 17 start-ups from 4 countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan and France) pitched and showcased their products in front of more than 100 participants.


6 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • Aromeo : in-room aromatherapy experience for home and hospitality guests through tailored essential oil selection and seamless app-controlled diffusion.
  • Bisecu : world’s first fully automatic smart bike lock which becomes part of the bike.
  • Braillist : Ideal device to help blind people use the smartphone much better to improve work productivity, independence and quality of life.
  • Cochlear : AI system that understands the semantics of audio, and provides it through cloud based API.
  • http://www.mangoslab.comMangosLab : innovative mini printer, print small memos or images from smart devices or PCs onto sticky notes.
  • SkyLabs : Finger ring type cardio tracker, CART continuously detects atrial fibrillation without any user intervention and discomfort.

3 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • Empath : Emotion AI, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of language.
  • Monit : Detects urine and feces separately with multiple sensors and pattern learning algorithm. Helps healthy growth of baby and relieves the burden of parenting.
  • ListenField : Provides a predictive analytics platform for improving rice productivity.

3 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

  • DT42 : Local AI network. Machines in the network can learn from other machine or from videos and images that creates onsite.
  • UmboCV : Artificial intelligence company building autonomous video security systems for businesses and organizations.
  • Whatsquare : Creates multilingual chat bots with unique AI personalization engine enabling “conversational commerce” for retail business across messaging platforms.

3 start-ups from nationwide CCEI

  • Filaroid : Photo shooting application brings you the sense of film camera which delivers you printed photos when the films done.
  • CnRTech : Code Play Block, Physical coding blocks which children can code by assembling them to grow their logical thinking.
  • Masterbd : True random number generation using a non-quantal dynamic method for secure transaction.

2 guest startups

  • Wishpoke(Korea) : Social app where users can exchange gift ideas and help their loved ones find fitting gifts with an easy listing and buying process.
  • Aligo(France) : data pre-processing expertise helping its customers to improve substantially the effectiveness of targeting of new products.


At the end of the pitches from start-ups of season 8, the kick-off for season 9 was announced with 1 minute pitch from each new team.

5 Startups selected for Orange Fab Asia in Seoul Season 9

  • The Coder : Data imprinted in paper/image/poster accessible simply by scanning by camera.
  • Is-it-fresh : in-package electronics, bringing a “lab on a chip” solution for each individual item: track the products with a unique ID and measure their actual freshness in real time.
  • O2O : TV controllable Powerful AI Speaker (Voice Remote Control).
  • Nepes : hardware type artificial intelligence semiconductor based on human neural network. Neuromorphic
  • FTC : Mobile phone screen protector enabling touch by any materials than fingers and while wearing gloves.